Dual-view Thermal Security Camera

1. Product introduction

Infrared dual-view (infrared + visible light) security camera is suitable for a wide range real-time network monitoring for infrared thermal imaging temperature and visible light of indoor and outdoor station operation equipment or storage materials. With the remote management platform, it can be under unattended operation. Integrated with real-time monitoring of visible light, infrared thermal imaging and embedded processing technology, monitoring equipment can be under real-time monitoring, automatic warning, real-time access to equipment failure status of the temperature information, and automatically generate the corresponding temperature change report. It is non contact temperature measurement with long distance, safe and reliable , high precision detection, which is an important way to achieve on-line monitoring and equipment state maintenance, material fire and anti-theft security.

2. Product features

  • Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement and real-time monitoring of visible light on target, a machine dual-use, no delay with data network transmission, real-time image.


  • Infrared thermal image and visible light image fusion display, fusion image detail is clear, easy to identify.

  • Can be set to automatically cruise, PTZ 360 rotation, to achieve a wide range of automatic inspection. It is with full-screen temperature measurement; Infrared camera can transfer each pixel temperature data of target in real time lossless transmission to the local monitoring station for analysis and diagnosis.
  • It can be set point, line, surface and multi-zone regional temperature measurement, multi-target at the same time temperature monitoring, and fulfill high and low temperature automatic tracking
  • Linked to fire station, security system alarm
  • Various palettes switch
  • Remote configuration of monitoring equipment parameters, remote control monitoring equipment, remote firmware upgrade
  • Professional outdoor shell, IP66, waterproof and dustproof, free from light restrictions, 24 hours monitoring, through the smoke, through the water mist, in a variety of adverse weather conditions
  • Fully compatible with IEC61850 protocol, convenient system integration
  • Provide standard SDK development kit, support users to develop application software independently

3. Product parameter

Infrared parameter
Resolution 640×512
Lens angel 25°×19°
Focus 23mm fixed
Visible light parameter
Resolution 1920*1080
Focus 4.7~84.6mm,20X Optical zoom
FOV 55.2°~3.2°
Focus Electric zoom, auto focus
Interface and display
Mode Visible light/ Infrared thermal imaging / Infrared fusion
Video output Analog video AV_OUT
Storage interface 3.0 TF
Image storage format TIFF/FFF/JPEG
Physical characteristics
Dimension 205mm(L)×211mm(W)×348.5 mm(H)
Input AC24V
Consumption ≤34W
Weight 6.9Kg
Storage temperature range -40°~70°C
Humidity 85% relative humidity
Temperature measurement performance
Measurement range - 20℃- 500℃
Measurement precision -10℃~ 150℃ :+/-2 ℃ or ±2%;
150℃~500℃ :+/-5℃ or ±5%

4. Product structure and dimension

Figure 10: Product structure

5. Product connection


6. Products applications

6.1 Industrial production

During industrial production, dual-view infrared cameras can be used to continuously monitor the temperature trends and uniformity of temperature field distribution of critical equipment and critical processes, such as pulp drying monitoring, cement kiln monitoring, glass manufacturing process temperature control, and composite Materials, building materials, integrated circuit production, which can effectively prevent from accidents of production equipments, control the production process.

6.2 Electricity

Various types of electrical equipment and lines of power system will produce a certain amount of heat in normal operation. However, with the increase running time of equipment, the imbalance of the load, rust corrosion of some of the joints, increased resistance by poor contact, and increase in current may result in thermal anomalies and overheating failure of systems, equipment, lines. The use of dual-view infrared thermal imager, real-time monitoring, can detect hidden dangers in advance, which can be treated timely to prevent accidents.


6.3 Railway transportation

Railway electrical equipment is one of the important factors to ensure the safety of railway operation, bearing the task of providing electric power to the electric locomotive, carrying a huge traction current during the operation process. Because of aging, bad contact and so on, it will lead to abnormal rise in temperature, which may lead to failure in the limit. In the event of failure of the electrical equipment, it would interrupt the train operation and cause huge losses to the railway transport .So dual-view infrared thermal imager can conduct regular and continuous tracking and monitoring of key equipment and node temperature and the environment.

6.4 Petrochemical

Many important types of equipment in petrochemical production are working in high temperature and high pressure conditions, lurking flammable, explosive danger, which requires strict on-line monitoring of the production process and timely elimination of hidden dangers. By the use of dual vision infrared thermal imaging monitoring, it can detect the relevant information of product transmission pipes, fire and insulation materials, a variety of furnace corrosion, rupture, thinning, clogging and leakage, which can quickly and accurately get two - dimensional temperature distribution of equipment and material surface. Detection of catalytic cracking unit, reactor exhaust equipment and furnace, safety valve and condensate valve leakage, loss of underground pipes, etc., can quickly and accurately identify the early heat leak. It is very effective to prevent accidents and reduce energy consumption by checking the loss, cracks and wear of refractory materials in the furnace body, gas and dust pipes, reactor tanks and transfer lines.


6.5 Steel

Double vision infrared thermal imaging can be used for all aspects from smelting to rolling steel temperature and environmental monitoring.
It includes the following applications:

  • Surface measurement of large blast furnace material, real-time collection, calculation, display of surface temperature;
  • Hot stove damage diagnosis and maintenance;
  • The determination of the location of the residual iron gate;
  • Determination of ingot temperature;
  • Determination of slab temperature of continuous casting;
  • Steel mold temperature measurement;
  • Billet temperature measurement and control;
  • Determination of surface temperature of hot roll