Single View Standard Thermal Imaging Bullet Camera

1. Product introduction

With the development for Security monitoring industry, and increasing demand for security, Visible light monitoring has been unable to meet people’s needs for the short observation distance. If we use artificial lighting, it is easy to expose the target. In the field of security, infrared thermal imaging is a very effective device to find hidden targets, which can make up for the lack of visible light cameras.

Launch security single vision Infrared box camera has a FOV of 50 °, designed for reliable indoor applications with IP66 protection class, and the operating temperature is during -20 ° C to +45 ° C. The thermal imaging camera uses H. 264 encoding, which can fulfill video surveillance and control by network. It can easily adapt for mainstream security platform. The camera can achieve up to 95% of the alarm accuracy and can be applied in the dark night or bad weather conditions. It can be also installed in the security focus location, such as defense technology industrial units, key cultural relics protection units, bank safes, communication facilities, large facilities and other indoor security monitoring.
Figure 1: Single vision standard definition

2.   Product feature
  -160*120 resolution economical type thermal imager
  -704*576 Output image resolution
  -Proprietary DDE image enhancement technology to present clear thermal imaging quality
  -Accurate detection of the human body, up to 95% of the alarm accuracy rate
  -Compatible with standard ONVIF 2.4 protocol, easy docking management background
  -50 ° FOV with a full view of indoor sights

3. Product function

3.1 Network function
-Built-in WEB server, support IE6.0 and above version browser
  -Support ONVIF2.4, easy docking security background management platform
  -Support mobile App remote monitoring
3.2 Video
  -H.264 Video compression standard,704*576 resolution
  -Supports video OSD overlay
3.3 Alarm
  -Support different kinds of alarm trigger linkage, front-end video trigger, video capture
 -Multi-zone motion detection; motion detection area, sensitivity and deployment time set available
  -Video occlusion alarm, sensitivity and deployment time set available
  -Alarm linkage can send captured pictures, email
  -Support alarm linkage FTP uploaded video and captured pictures

4. Product parameter

Specification Parameter
Detector Type Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled micro bolometer
Resolution 160 * 120
NETD 50mk
Pixel spacing 17μm
Spectrum range 8μm ~ 14μm
Video Encoding format H.264,Baseline/Main Profile
Resolution 704*576,1-25 Frame / sec
Bit rate 32Kbps-16Mbps continuously adjustable, support CBR / VBR
OSD overlay Support
Image flip Horizontal and vertical
Network Interface RJ45
Function Smart alarm Movement detection, Video occlusion alarm
Dual stream 704*576@25fps;320*240@25fps
Video mask Support
Remote update Support
Electrical characteristics Working voltage DC12V
Consumption < 4W
Appearance Protection class IP66
Dimension 197mm * 60mm * 60mm
Others FOV 50°
Working temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Working humidity 0% ~ 80%RH
Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +60℃

5. Product application

It can be used in important places, such as airport security monitoring, civil aviation facilities, important administrative centers, bank vaults, confidential rooms, military places, prisons, cultural relics, firearms and ammunition depots, dangerous goods library. In order to prevent from theft and invasion, control measures must be taken. Thermal imaging box cameral works reliably, make up for the lack of visible light camera; can significantly reduce the false alarm rate.

Figure 2Visible light camera VS IR thermal imager

Figure 3Illegal intrusion alarm