LC-1501 Micro Online IR Thermal Imaging Camera

1.Product Description
-  LC1501 Micro Online IR Thermal Imaging Camera(Aliens)

ALIENS Micro Online IR Thermal Imaging Thermometer can be installed at any field to be monitored, to collect temperature information on the equipment to be monitored, and send the data acquired to background monitoring management system via RJ45 port and network for data analysis and management by system software. It accommodates the demands for online temperature measurement with IR thermal imaging in security, electrical power, fire control and petrochemical industry.

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    Front View                 Front View with Lens Fine Deflected


-Monitoring Management Software
Background monitoring management software performs monitoring, measurement and analysis on the front-end monitoring equipment and activates alarm in case of failure, fulfills front-end equipment configuration management, and achieves filing of history data. The analysis software features less resource consumption, fast operation and user-friendly interface.


                 Real-Time Monitoring Interface

2.Product Features

- Proprietary DDE image enhancement technology to present clear thermal imaging quality
- Full-screen temperature measurement, and automatic tracking of highest/lowest temperature 
- Up to 9 temperature measurement zones and display of highest/lowest/average temperature thereof
- RJ45 standard 100M network port for data transfer
- 5~15V DC full-range power supply
- Full metal enclosure, 3-meter fall protection and IP66 waterproof & dust-proof to accommodate various harsh environments 
- Design in compliance with high electric protection grade under GB/T17626 to present -powerful electromagnetic immunity 
- Diverse palette of iron, rainbow, black hot and white hot

3  Product Parameters

Item Online IR Thermal Imaging Thermometer  (resolution: 80x60) Online IR Thermal Imaging Thermometer  (resolution: 160x120)
IR Temperature Measurement Measurement Precision ±2%
Wavelength Range 8 –14 μm
Measurement Range -20 ˚C -150 ˚C
Radiation Ratio Adjustable (0~1)
Focal Distance Adjustment Fixed
IR Image Angle of View 50°*38.6° 57°*  42.3°
Frame Frequency 9Hz
Resolution of Image 80*60 160*120
General Properties Enclosure Full metal enclosure
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height) 80*60*25/38 mm
Weight 0.16 kg
Waterproof IP66
EMC GB/T17626
4. Application Scope

Electrical power switch cabinet temperature monitoring
Mechanical equipment operation status monitoring & fault diagnosis
Gas/liquid leakage monitoring in petrochemical industry
Guarding against illegal invasion
Fire monitoring and alarm for abnormal temperature/temperature rise

5. Thermal image show

\Electricity inspection    Water pipe inspection      Machinery inspection        Refrigeration inspection