LC-M10 Online Infrared Thermal Imager


1.  Product introduction

Launch LC M10 Network infrared thermal imager is integrated with Flir TAU2 Class-R full-range temperature measurement thermal camera cores,achieves overlapped output of highest/lowest temperature on thermal Imaging video through powerful front-end processing system. The thermal sensitivity can reach 50 mk,easily fulfilling processing and capturing of full-range frame temperature.SDK is available with rich functions, strong development, standard interface, which is easy for System integration and program developing.


2. Product feature

LC-M10 Network infrared thermal imager is equipped with FLIR TAU2 imaging engine, which has a good imaging effect. By Launch’s strong Image processing capability, LC-M10 can meet the applications in different areas.

- H.264 Video compression standard
- 50mk thermal sensitivity
- Capturing of full-range frame temperature..Images can be -processed and analyzed by FLIR TOOLS
- One way analog video output
- Equipped with interface for input and output warning
- Offer Serial control interface for RS232.RS485
- SD local storage, effectively solve the video lost by internet fault
- SDK is available with rich functions, strong development, standard interface, which is easy for System integration and redevelopment


3.Product Parameters

Parameter and model Non-Radiometric Radiometric
Detector Detector type Vox
Resolution 640*512 / 336*256
Pixel spacing 17μm
Spectrum range 8μm ~ 14μm
Thermal sensivity 50mk
Radiometric Measurement range / Low-gain mode::-40°C ~ +160°C         High-gain mode:-40°C ~ +550°C
Measurement accuracy / ±2or 2%
Compression standrad Video compression standrand H.264
Compressed output rate 2Mbps~4Mbps
Interface TF storage Up to 32G
analog output 1way CVBS
network interface  10M/100M/1000M self-adaption
serial interface RS-232、RS-485
Alarm interface One input one output
Basic parameter Lens  13mm/19mm optional
Dimension 44.5*44.5*72.6mm
weight 140g
Operation temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Operation humidity 0 ~ 90%RH(non-condensing)
Voltage 5-24V
Comsumption <3W
SDK SDK development kit and user manual

4. Products dimension

5. Signal line definition


Pin Name Pin Name
5 485_DP 6 RS232_TX
7 485_DM 8 RS232_RX
9 GND 10 GND
11 TD3+ 12 TD1+
13 TD3- 14 TD1-
15 TD4+ 16 TD2+
17 TD4- 18 TD2-

6. Applications          

This module can be applied in different fields, such as security camera,electricity,petroleum,robert inspection. By its good imaging performance, it can meet demand in different areas.                                                                                                       


Inspection robot

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Thermal Imaging Network


Thermal imaging box camera

Substation temperature monitoring