P1 Portable IR Thermal Imager

1.  Product description  

     P1 is a highly cost-effective portable IR thermal imager compact in size. As an entry-level IR thermal imager, it however presents full functions,including central point temperature measurement, automatic tracking of highest/lowest temperature points, 3.5-inch screen for easy operation and 50-degree angle of view, making it superior to conventional gun-type competitors.


2. Product features
-Compact in size of only 125*72*16mm, similar to a cell phone
-Short-sleep standby function, one-second quick start-up, and ready for service whenever and  wherever you like
-Proprietary imaging optimization algorithm to present excellent-quality image
-Central point temperature measuring, and automatic tracking of highest/lowest temperature points
-3.5-Inch large screen rotatable to facilitate observation
-50-degree angle of view for instant finding
-USB 3.0 Type-C port for data transfer and recharging
-Three-key operation mode for easy use even by green hand

3.  Product parameters
Item Specification
Overview Size of Screen 3.5 inch
Resolution of Screen 320*240
Images Stored 800
Image Format JPEG
Data/Recharging Port USB 3.0 Type-C
IR Temperature Measurement Resolution of Sensor 80*60
Measurement Precision ±2℃ or ±2%
Measurement Range -20 ~ 150℃
Radiation Ratio 0 ~ 0.95 adjustable
D:S 15:1
Thermal Sensitivity <50mK @ f/1.0
Wavelength Range 8 ~ 14 μm
Temperature Measurement Function Central point temperature measuring, automatic tracking of highest/lowest temperature points, and output of on-frame average temperature
IR Image Frame Frequency 9Hz
Angle of View 50°x38.6°
Palette Iron red, rainbow, high-contrast rainbow, gray
Protection Protection Grade IP54
Miscellaneous Battery Type Rechargeable lithium battery
Consecutive Operation Duration >4 hours
Dimensions 125*72*16mm
Other Sensor Direction sensor
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature ﹣20 ~ 55℃


4.  Product application
-Electronic industry         
-Building industry (e.g. floor heating, leakage detection)
-Tooling industry          
-Automobile repair
-Food processing industry   
-Tour-inspection in electric power industry
-Tour-inspection in rail transit (e.g. railway, high-speed rail)

Pictures Taken by P1:

              \   \   \
Automobile tire                 Cup with hot water                    Fan

              \   \   \

                Cooling fins in refrigerator    Valve of water heater              Exhaust pipe