Drone-Dedicated 3 Axis Camera Gimbal

1. Product Description

Our dedicated  3 Axis Camera Holder Gimbal developed for drone-dedicated IR thermal imager, is applicable to Vue, Vue Pro and R series drone-dedicated IR thermal imager. This dedicated cradle head combined with drone-dedicated IR thermal imager can be mounted on any type of drone, relieving you of lengthy development process. 

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2. Product Features
 ♦ Integrated design with cable concealed and aesthetic appearance
 ♦ Brand-new intelligent solution, power-and-go, free of intricate commissioning and setting
 ♦ Precision detection of motor motion status by using magnetic encoder
 ♦ Dual-wire motor driven solution, and smooth and stable sine wave output​
 ♦ Intervention of single-state sensor for precision detection of relative position of both motors
 ♦ Seamless rotation shaft technology to present smooth manipulation experience
 ♦ l  Built-in stop limit in motor to ensure controlled rotation and to prevent wire twisting

3. Product Parameters

Item Minimum Standard Maximum Remarks
Working voltage 7.0V 8.4V 17.0V  
Static status tracking accuracy 0.01° 0.02° 0.05° Cradle head is static
Dynamic status tracking accuracy 0.1°     Motion overload <2G
Motor overload protection current   800mA    
Pitch angle motion range -90° (downward) 0° (horizontal) +90° (upward)  
Roll angle motion range -50° 0° (horizontal) +50°  
Course angle motion range -150°   +150°  
Pitch follow-up speed 2°/s   25°/s  
Course follow-up speed 3°/s   75°/s  
Weight (excluding thermal imager)
 ♦ Dimension
4. Airborne effect