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  • PCB Quick Diagnostic Apparatus
    PCB quick diagnostic apparatus is a new generation of maintenance equipment, which is the world's first to use dual-spectral interleaved positioning technology
  • Dual-view Thermal Security Camera
    Infrared dual-view (infrared + visible light) security camera is suitable for a wide range real-time network monitoring for infrared thermal imaging temperature and visible light of indoor and outdoor station operation equipment or storage materials. W
  • Single View Standard Thermal Imaging Bullet Camera
    1. Product introductionWith the development for Security monitoring industry, and increasing demand for security, Vi...
  • LC-M10 Online Infrared Thermal Imager
    Launch LC M10 Network infrared thermal imager is integrated with Flir TAU2 Class-R full-range temperature measurement thermal camera cores.
  • P1 Portable IR Thermal Imager
    P1 is a highly cost-effective portable IR thermal imager compact in size. As an entry-level IR thermal imager, it however presents full functions, including central point temperature measurement, automatic tracking of highest/lowest temperature points.
  • LC-1501 Micro Online IR Thermal Imaging Camera
    It accommodates the demands for online temperature measurement with IR thermal imaging in security, electrical power, fire control and petrochemical industry.
  • Industrial Infrared Borescope Camera
    It is furnished with thermal imaging lens allowing an imaging resolution of 80*60 or 160*120, and features proprietary DDE image enhancement algorithm to present clear image. Images contains temperature information.
  • Drone-Dedicated 3 Axis Camera Gimbal
    This dedicated cradle head combined with drone-dedicated IR thermal imager can be mounted on any type of drone, relieving you of lengthy development process.